The Letters- Sept 4 from Jean to Bob

The Letters- Sept 4 from Jean to Bob

"Dear Bob:

          I received your letter this A.M. and I am sorry to say that I wasn't here to answer 6200 Sunday.

          Mother and I are going to the fair city this afternoon. I have already bought some of the dearest things in this town. I tried to talk Daddy into a pair of $13.50 slippers- but (I failed). Fred and Daddy came this morning and it seemed so grand to see them again!

          I am glad everything is K.O. with L______ and E____. 

          Please don't lose your eight pounds until I see how you look. 

          We expect to be home sometime Monday afternoon. 



$13.50 slippers in 1926? I re-read that five times to be sure! I can't imagine what those would have been like in a store in Iowa! 



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