The Letters- The Last of 1926. December 29 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- The Last of 1926. December 29 from Bob to Jean

"Dearest Jean:

                I am mad. I began this letter to you- and found I did not have stationery enough to finish. I couldn't get any of the kind I wanted, so I took this. I detest writing on folded paper- hence this unorthodox method. Then I wrote a whole page- only to find a smear of ink on the back. I won't start another- so if this suffers blots of anything you'll get them. 

                I regret to announce that I cannot arrive in Cedar Rapids before 9:20 New Years Eve. Indeed, I will be lucky to get there then. I've had so much time off lately that I dare not ask for more- Mr R nearly threw a fit when I took the whole day before Christmas. As it is I'll have to slip away to catch a four o' clock train- heaven knows why. 

                But I so want to be with you to usher in the New Year. It should be a happy year for both of us. I'll manage somehow and will call you the minute I arrive. 

               Is there anything you can especially care to do? The ADA's who are in town are giving a party but I doubt if any of our bunch will be there. I'm leaving it to you to decide what we shall do. Now, please don't wait to argue with me when I get there. This time we're going where want to go so you might as well decide before hand. 

              Your note came to-day. I'm worried about the "old flame". See to it that he remains an OLD one. 

              What did I say to Mrs L? Just this "Why, I've known that all the time". 

              Another sympathy letter. The mother of my closest friend among the Havelock teachers died very suddenly the morning after Christmas. I had met Mrs P and admired her very much. 

              Jean, sweet, it is only forty nine hours. I can hardly wait- for I love you. Sometimes I laugh at the idea that there is a chance in the world for me with the sweetest girl in the world. But there is- isn't there?


And that's 1926, wrapped up! Coming up- hundreds of letters from 1927!


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