Top Up

Top Up

Top handle bags are seemingly always in style and always being reimagined. Done in metal mesh in the 1920s, fabrics in the 1930s, leathers in the 1940s & 50s, vinyl in the 1960s- the details may change but the basic silhouette remains! 

Nettie Rosenstein 1946

Josef, 1946

1964 catalog ad

Koret 1937 

1960s Bonnie Cashin bags

Koret 1953

Danse Lente Mini Johnny Bag (this is sold out, but I love it very much)




Zac Posen studded bag (photo links to rent or buy)

Evelyn & Arthur (I'm in love with this, link from photo- it's $118)

Steven Harkin- this bag is killing me and I want one SO BADLY (photo links to site)

Kenzo (photo links to site)

Gucci (photo links to site to rent or buy)

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Omg, that Harkin bag!! It’s like a Case Study piece of furniture. How to rationalize that purchase?? Hmmm!

Thanks for feeding my sick habits, always!


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