What's Old is New- Revisiting the OG Blog, 2006!

I've decided to move my old blog here in copy/paste style because it's no longer showing up online AND the pics are hosted by Photobucket which is a nightmare photo host site. Here we go!


A Shiny New Blog

Blogs intimidate me, I'll be honest. I know its the new thing, the way to network....read blogs, write blogs, link blogs. Its freaking blogtastic. Bloggerific. Its MIND BLOGGLING. Yep, I said it. Yet I have no idea what I'm doing........I've done my own wee bit o' blogging on MySpace but I made this one a while ago to be able to COMMENT on blogs and quite honestly, I'm getting jealous of all those bloggers getting the attention while I merely comment weakly from the sidelines.

No more. Today, I have no idea what the purpose of this blog is but to have one. Sure, sure....I'll dish up some vintage schtuff, mine...others....hell, its what I DO. I figure its going to be a happy marriage of  Slip of a Girl , and She's a Betty sprinkled with biting dash of Fug. I can only aspire to the following as well as the blog-writing talent of Erin at Dressaday.....but watch me try! And you'll have to pardon my arse-kissing where other blogs are concerned. What you WILL find is that I intend to share regularly what blogs I'm reading & why....and if I'm going to get addicted, you are too! Ang


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