Working While Working! A Blog Revisited, October 14 2006

Working While Working! A Blog Revisited, October 14 2006

.................At my secret part-time job. Not LEGALLY secret, the IRS knows (settle down, minions o' George). But my little part time job no one really knows about, thats best kept that way. Nice thing is, I can be online & do my vintage thing, the blog thing, the MySpace, surf, shop. I came in today as a favor of sorts so I had no sitter, so not only am I working at the SHOP, I'm working online AND minding a bored 3 year old. Who just now reminded me she "almost puked three times". Yep. The joys of motherhood.

I was interviewed yesterday by a local business publication (aspiration....ROCK STAR! reality....BUSINESS STAR! sad, that).....but they asked me why I thought women were better suited to starting their own businesses. I'm not necessarily sure that IS true, but if it is.....its because we multitask better, and aren't afraid to ask someone to pass the Zanax. Ang (who will of course wear vintage for the photo shoot for said business mag, and will not be partaking of the Zanax that morning)


.....................I was interviewed via phone last week for a local business publication, a story about entreprenuerial Mom's (now I need a shirt that says that). Anyway, they wanted a picture of me with some vintage, so a guy named Duane came by yesterday morning and snapped a few. As a woman I am prone to vanity, particularly when having a picture taken that thousands of people will once I was ready, I did some practice pictures to see how my ensemble & make-up translated to film. I'll not bore you with the good ones (and the really bad ones are deleted!) but this one amuses me to no end, particularly with the freaky mannequin peeking over the mirror.



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