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Gone but never forgotten....
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1960s Christian Dior suit
Christian Dior 1950s suit jacket
Pierre Balmain 1950s blue wool dress
Anne Fogarty 1960s plaid wool dress
Oscar de La Renta 1960s dress
1960s open weave Dress Set 
1950s dress set with pocket
1960s VARGAS Art Deco clamper bracelet
Harvey Berin/Karen Stark 1960s party dress
Harvey Berin/Karen Stark 1950s dress from Western Costume Co.
1960s iridescent sequined cocktail dress
1940s dress with chartreuse sleeves
1940s kelly green wool dress with cape
1930s sequined gown w/ open back
1970s jersey nylon Diane Von Furstenberg dress
1940s Brielle cocktail dress
1930s charmeuse silk dressing gown, worn by Jessica Lange in "Grey Gardens" on HBO
1950s Howard Greer dress, now owned by Dita Von Teese
Don Loper 1950s suit
Jean Carol 1930s/40s evening gown (early Peggy Hunt)
1950s cocktail dress by Dogé
1940s Nassau 3 piece set
Gene Shelley for Scully suede coat (lost by the USPS, sadly)
1960s chartreuse green suede coat with fur trim
1960s lace caped cocktail dress
1940s embroidered gabardine Western shirt
1940s gabardine western shirts
1970s Halston wrap dress
1970s black silk jersey Halston shirt dress
1970s hand dyed aqua silk caftan by Halston
1960s tie dye silk caftan
Diane Von Furstenberg iconic 1970s wrap dress
1970s DVF wrap dress
1970s DVF wrap dress
Thierry Mugler, 1980s jacket
1980s Thierry Mugler jacket
1980s Thierry Mugler coat
1970s Fred Perlberg dress
1970s sequined Victor Costa dress
1980s Victor Costa dress
1980s Victor Costa gown
80s Vicky Tiel dress
1980s Victor Costa dress
1970s coat
Liza Minelli print 1970s disco shirt
1970s Nik-Nik shirt with ad