Archives 7

Archives 7
Vintage that has been re-homed with my gorgeous clients over the years
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1940s rayon pajamas
1940s pajamas with photo of original owner
1940s cocoa and chartreuse dress
1930s dress
1930s dress and jacket
1940s sequined dress detail
1940s nightgown
1930s blouse
1940s green suede platform shoes
1940s heels
1940s chevron dress
1940s musical print nightgown
1940s surrealist print dress
Wine glass print 1950s dress
1940s novelty print dress
Tiki print 1960s dress
Umbrella print 1960s dress
1960s circus animal print dress
1930s black velvet Art Deco dress
1920s melon silk dress
1940s Egyptian print rayon dress
1940s one shoulder evening gown
1960s Malcolm Starr beaded dress
1960s Paganne dress
1970s Sherlock Holmes print shirt
1970s Art Nouveau print blouse 
1960s wine glass print dress
1960s leopard print pants
1970s leopard print pony fur coat
1940s 2 pc dress
1940s caped Kelly green dress
1940s grey wool coat
1940s embroidered hopsack jacket
1970s tapestry coat
1970s dragon boots
1960s Democratic half slip
1960s Vanity Fair Conversation Pieces nightgowns with 24K gold
1950s Vanity Fair nightgown
1950s hot pink Vanity Fair nightgown
1980s koala bear jammies
1940s rayon pajamas with sleeping dogs print
1950s Porky Pig slippers
Erte inspired 1970s novelty print
1970s mens robe novelty print
Victorian velvet fringed jacket
Edwardian mesh dress with sequin and silk butterflies
1940s gingham tilt hat
1940s tilt hat
1930s slipper satin palazzo gown
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