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Some incredible things sold over the years to our delightful clientele. 
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1920s berry red velvet dress
1920s black Devore velvet dress
1920s mesh dress with beaded floral design
1920s black lace dress
1920s black silk dress with panniers
early 1920s pink silk dress
1920s lace dress with ribbons
Edwardian embroidered dress
Teens mesh wedding dress with ribbons
Gibson Girl dotted mesh dress
Early 20s wedding dress
Edwardian velvet trimmed jacket
1920s marabou wrap
1930s middle eastern top
1930s peasant blouse
1910s kimono
1910s silk dress with beading
Victorian striped silk bodice
Victorian striped wool walking suit
Victorian absinthe green velvet dress
Edwardian embroidered silk blouse
Victorian bustle back dress
mulberry silk beaded 1920s dress
Victorian velvet fringed jacket
Victorian weighted silk jacket
1930s green and white gown with original photo
1930s wedding gown
1930s day dress
1930s sheer sleeve dress
Edwardian toile silk dress
1930s sequined cocktail jacket
1930s skating dress
1940s purple coat with fur trim
1940s draped hip dress
1940s Hawaiian dress