The Letters- March 24, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- March 24, 1927 from Bob to Jean

"Sweet Child:

              Another something to tell me. Don't you dare forget it. I'm so anxious to hear all these things.

             Had a letter from Smithy today. He is coming down someday- and more important- he plans to drive to C.R. often this spring. He'll probably drive down Friday afternoons- which won't help me any- but I can come back with him. 

              Just think, honey, just a few hours after you get this we'll be together. It will be heavenly- truly. And I'll guarantee I'll have more life left than Gabriel did when Evangeline found him. 

             The travelling auditor is here- and he can find more things wrong. I could very easily pass the buck on a lot of them- things which occurred long ago- but I take them very meekly. Mr Bowlsby wrote a letter raving thunder because some information he wanted hadn't been sent in. He asked for it before I came and his letter was the first thing I knew about it. But I very humbly sent it in. Such are the sorrows of my new job.

            Last night I worked on my memory book- and quite naturally I looked through last summer's record. And the radio was bringing in the most sentimental music! The combination nearly drove me wild. I miss so, sweetheart.

           "The Student Prince" tonight. I hope it will be good- they say it is wonderful. Right now I don't feel like going- wish you were to go too. 

           I can hardly wait for Saturday, dearest. It will seem so good to be with you again. It's been years since March 5, I know it has. 

          If I had known how wonderful your daddy was going to be about it all I wouldn't have put in such a wretched Sunday. He's the first man I was ever really afraid of- and I won't be of him again. Your mother's attitude is only natural. We'll have to show her, dear, that a long engagement can be a happy one. My constant hope is that it won't be too awfully long. 

          Where are you going to wear it with your formal? Tell me- cause I want to know- won't you. 

            Remember the joke I had that I couldn't tell. If you really want to know- well- ask me. 

            For just a few hours au revoir, sweetheart-

                                                   Your lover


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