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Gorgeous things sold in the past to my lovely clientele- too pretty to forget!
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1920s Blackshire silk dress
1920s blue sequined dress and fan
1920s wedding dress with court train
Victorian metallic lace trimmed ensemble in pink
Victorian wedding ensemble and waistcoat
1820s bridal ensemble and invite
Edwardian lace dress
Edwardian lace ruffled dress
Edwardian ribbon trimmed dress
1930s burnout velvet wedding dress
1930s satin wedding dress
1920s silk dress with ribbons and lace
1910s blue silk beaded dress
1930s tiered all lace dress
1920s celluloid trimmed cloche hat
1920s cloche with straw bow
Early 1900s purple dress with metallic lace
Edwardian black mesh beaded and embroidered dress
Victorian lace caplet
Victorian beaded mantle
Victorian beaded mantle in blues
Victorian striped wool mantle with fringe
Victorian gold metallic embroidered cape
Victorian blue velvet polonaise
Victorian bodice with leg-o-mutton sleeves
1930s cocoa silk velvet dress w/ lace sleeves
1930s chartreuse lace gown
Outrageously huge yellow turn of the century hat
1930s vivid yellow floral print silk gown and cape
1930s nightgown
1940s seahorse print dress
1930s yellow organza gown with jacket
1930s taffeta gown with peaked sleeves
1930s evening gown with rhinestones
1940s black and gold evening gown 
1930s evening gown with gold sequins
1930s sheer black mesh gown with gold leather bows on sleeves
Pattullo-Jo Copeland Original 1940s dress with beaded looped fringe
1950s Mexican full skirt dress w/ soutache and rhinestones
Jacques Fath 1950s suit
1940s Eisenberg Originals dress set
1940s chocolate silk Eisenberg Originals blouse
1930s dress with open ribbon work
1930s peaked art deco hat
1930s silk evening gown with rhinestone trimmed back
1930s black velvet evening gown
1930s black and pink French lace chemise
1930s chemise
1960s carwash hem nightie
1940s nightgown
Late 1800s silk ribbon corset 
1940s corset
1940s corset
1940s corset
1920s silk chemise
1930s floral silk lingerie set
1930s embroidered lingerie set
1930s mint green silk lingerie set
1930s black silk lace trimmed lingerie set
1930s surrealist hands cup bra
1960s pink and black slip
1960s red chiffon genie pants set
1920s Arthur Weiss dress
1930s velvet dressing gown with bakelite ball buttons
1940s dress with shell casing studs
1940s novelty print dress
Omar Kiam harlequin weave evening gown, 1940s
1960s Harvey Berin/Karen Stark bubble skirt dress
1950s ruched black cocktail dress, Nathan Strong
Apricot tulle 1950s evening gown
Jean Desses chiffon gown in ombre pinks
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